Mission Statement

“Strengthening cybersecurity through education and partnership.”
The Philadelphia Cybersecurity Education Alliance (PCEA) mission is to foster a collaborative relationship between students, military, and industry partner, with the goal of inspiring people to pursue opportunities and careers in cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity has become a national priority and is vital to the success and security of our nation’s businesses, infrastructure, and government. As the type and complexity of threats facing today’s organizations evolves, there is an increasing need for skilled cyber professionals. To attract and develop the next generation of cyber professionals and soldiers there must be tighter alignment between educational institutions and industry. The goal of PCEA is to address these challenges though strong collaboration and networking between students, academia, industry, and the military. PCEA is a community driven partnership that establishes a forum and structure to bring together professionals within the cyber communities, and connect them with people interested in pursuing cybersecurity education and careers.

How PCEA is Different

There are a large number of organizations, groups and alliances across the country and around the world that focus on the challenges of Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity. These organizations are generally open to the community and focus on wide breadth of technical issues and challenges. Unfortunately, these organizations are often grouped and driven by their specific business purview or niche technology needs and implementations. While these organizations offer exceptional service to their communities and constituents, they do not address the human element. They do not address the career development and education needs of emerging cyber professionals.

PCEA is different. PCEA does not focus on tools, technologies or trends within cybersecurity, rather it focuses on the development of relationships and education to support cybersecurity. PCEA establishes a forum and communication network where students and military personnel can learn, seek guidance and network with peers and cybersecurity professionals. Additionally, PCEA bridges the gap between academia and industry by working with them to better understanding staff skill requirements and development needs. Through strong collaboration and partnership PCEA ensures students and military personnel of today have the right skills and training that address the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow.


PCEA has the following core objectives:

  • Educate K-12 students, current higher education students (community college, undergraduate, and graduate), and members of the public considering a career shift or change, about education, opportunities and careers in cybersecurity.
  • Educate full-time and part-time military service members, and military veterans about education, opportunities and careers in cybersecurity.
  • Establish relationships and communication with regional organizations, public and private businesses and government entities.
  • Establish a forum where representatives from academia, military, government, and industry may discuss skills, attributes, and education requirements for careers in cybersecurity.
  • Establish a process and forum where students may connect with industry cybersecurity professionals.

PCEA-Charter Document

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