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MIL Cyber Training

National Defense University (Fort McNair in DC)  (04 and Above)
Course Listings (pdf)
NDU iCollege courses are available to eligible Federal civilian agency government employees, Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees, military officers, non-Federal Government employees (i.e., state and local government), and private sector employees sponsored by a government agency.

The iCollege mission focuses our effort on the strategic education of senior officers and civilians who will either lead or provide strategic level advice to our senior cyberspace leadership.  The strategic focus of the curricula underpins our eligibility requirements — we need to put our effort toward those individuals most likely to reach the pinnacles of U. S. cyberspace leadership.  Our eligibility limitations do not reflect a belief that only those eligible have the intellect and drive needed to succeed in our programs.  Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to serve as a professional development opportunity for all of those members of the military or federal civilian workforce who may have a desire to supplement their talents and skills.  Rather, we must apportion our seats to those most likely to need the education in their future career assignments as senior leaders and advisors.

Questions concerning admission should be addressed to the Office of Student Services either by phone (202- 685-6300; DSN 325-6300) or by e-mail (

Contact The Office of Student Services: 
Office of Student Services NDU iCollege 300 5th Avenue, Marshall Hall 
Fort McNair, Washington, DC 20319
Tel: 202-685-6300 
Fax: 202-685-4860
DSN: 325

Free cyber training for any .MIL email

See our Cyber Education page for more details

A part of Army E-Learning
–great free resources for military members (some contractors have this platform as well within their internal servers)
Over 3,500 web-based courses in Information Technology, Business, Leadership, and Personal Development.
FAQs (pdf)
Lists of Courses (pdf)
-register through ATTRS for Classes.  Some classes can count towards EBDL, in which you can get extra pay from the military for taking these courses (US Army Reserve members)

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